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Helena, 20 Feb 2021

Excellent service and food, as always.

Gillian, 13 Feb 2021

I have never eaten here but very much enjoyed the feedback page.

Jen, 30 Jan 2021

Very impressed with quality of food, excellent delivery service and real value for money.

Tommy, 30 Jan 2021

Hi guys, I wanted to contact you to give my feedback - you know I am long term supporter of Verandah. Perhaps I could have been in more during lockdown, but we have restricted our take-aways a lot. I came down on Friday (22nd) to collect my food and I was disappointed to say the least with the site of 5 people happily drinking around the table. I'm not going to shout about this or anything like that, but wanted to let you know that actions like this are likely to result in people, including me, taking the decision to shop elsewhere. Food as always was fab, but the above site has left me thinking about where to shop in the future. Stay safe, all the best, John (07730784888)

John English, 26 Jan 2021

Hi, its meg from Red Bull, I called you a week ago regarding an exclusive Red Bull deal. This is just a gentle reminder that to claim your GOLD POS kit you must purchase 2 cases of Red Bull 250ml cans, and send me across an invoice as proof of purchase (see email for more information). It would be great to get this sorted for you before the end of the month. My number is 07731784302, and my email is

Megan Somerville, 25 Jan 2021

I’m a bit disgruntled that the meal was delivered 1.45 hours before we’d asked for it. Delivery at 18:00 when we’d requested 19:45. It was just as well we were at home. Now instead of having freshly prepared food we are going to have preheated food. Hardly ideal. We’d just had tea and cake so the idea of going straight to dinner wasn’t exactly on our radar or appetite requirements. Disappointed that you have been over efficient.

Martin, 22 Jan 2021

What do the points I’ve accrued mean ?

Alan, 09 Jan 2021

  Reply : After you have collected to a point, you can redeem them for a discount on your bill.

Alsways a friendly service.

George, 07 Jan 2021

We wanted to pick it up!

Jane, 05 Jan 2021

Our favourite for take away and to eat in. We can’t wait to come in for a meal when we are able to. Thank you.

Louisa, 04 Jan 2021

Where my food

Alan, 31 Dec 2020

Where’s my food

Alan, 31 Dec 2020

Where’s my food

Alan, 31 Dec 2020

Delivery now an hour late ! Will I I come ?

Alan, 31 Dec 2020

Where’s my foid

Alan, 31 Dec 2020

I love the Veranda. Both the food and the staff are fabulous!

Dennis, 31 Dec 2020

The best curry and the friendliest service.

Andy, 31 Dec 2020

Why on earth doesn’t the order history work. Not helpful.

Graeme, 19 Dec 2020

Incredible every time

Louis, 19 Dec 2020

Good food, good environment and good take away with delivery.

Carlos, 18 Dec 2020

Hello just enquiring are you opened on Boxing day for pickup or deliveries. If so what time do you open. Many thanks. Marie.

Marie Browne, 13 Dec 2020

  Reply : Yes we are open on boxing day. Open as usual from 6pm. Thanks

Again we have had a takeaway from what we consider to be the best indian in Berkhamsted. BUT again it arrived cold. We should not have to put our food in microwave to heat. Tandoori mixed grill was very small and after microwaving to make it hot as it was the coldest of the 3 dishes was then dry and over cooked. The chips tasted like a reaheated old cooked from yesturday chip which was again cold. The chicken fazula was very tasty but again cold. As was the rice and veg curry.We are really not happy and wont be ordering again. Which is a shame but this has happened twice now. We dont very often have takeaway but when we do we always come to you. We know we are only small but every customer should get HOT FOOD. Plus it says leave contact details if you require response which I have but last time I complained again for same reason COLD FOOD we got no response. We feel you only comment on good feedback if you get any. We are very very dissapointed

Sharon, 11 Dec 2020

  Reply : Dear Sharon, I am really sorry for the cold meal (I presume it was delivered) In these cold winter nights it's very hard to get piping hot meals delivered to your door. We do try hard to get the food out as soon as it's ready but sometimes it gets very busy specially during the weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry and would like to offer you a complete meal on us and I promise it will be hot as possible as I will be delivering it to you. Please give us a call. Thanks

Thank you for an absolutely delicious meal! Unfortunately it was about 20 minutes late, busy time I guess, and not very hot, so we had to re-warm it, but it tasted really delicious.

Claire, 05 Dec 2020

very consistent

Trevor, 04 Dec 2020

The food was supposed to arrive in 45 minute but took nearer to 75 minutes. The food was very cold. Vegetable curry (with the biriani) did not smell good and the biriani was greasy. This was the first time we ordered for Verandah and hoped it would be better than this.

Nick, 16 Oct 2020